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Saturday, July 18, 2009

PIB Live

[Note: iPhone and errors of ... other origins cleaned up.]

I am abandoning the live tweeting for old-school live blogging. At Beervana HQ, we constantly strive to improve the reader's experience. So here goes.

Departing Bijou with an extemely full belly. Ready for a nap.

Whoa, the line's a mile long. (Okay, two blocks.)

The eagle has landed. They're playing the Eels, and I've got a Cantillon Iris. Perfect!

Dupont Avril--exquisite! Lots of yeast character, cloudy. Wonderful peppery, dry finish.

Granitbock. No Helles. Big, burly, caramely, sweet, beguiling.

Missed some, but here're two: the Well-Hopped Lager is Swedish, not Czech, and is slightly murky and indistinct. However, Quarta Runa is exceptional. Subtly peachy, gentle, tart, and dry. Best of the day so far.

Note on value. Deschutes XXI is just a token, on draft. Not exactly the day for it, but it's a helluva deal.

A friend just went for Troll Geisha, a 7-token beer. Highest cost here, a barleywine. Pretty much worth it.

Le Coq 6-year-old imperial stout. Wow! Like port. 3 tix--good value.

Konigshoeven Quad, a Trappist for two tickets--you see how my thinking's going?

Sally got the LAST glass of DeuS at the fest. Spiced, sweet, obviously effervescent. Perhaps too much?

Also, the Cantillon St. Lamvinus--not a bit of sugar; I drank it in four swallows. I'm a lambic slut!


  1. There's no free water. I find that to be irresponsible in the extreme! Is it something that they do for the vendors so that they get to sell more H2O? Whatever the reason, I was completely SHOCKED by this. Other complaints: No Italian prison beer, and two of the mystery beers were PBR and Iron City!!! Dr. Wort, please, SAY SOMETHING...I know too easy, but my freaking God...possible boycott next year if this kinda stuff isn't addressed.

    Mike S.

  2. Anon said:

    "There's no free water."

    I was also shocked by that. I realize the vendors need to make money, and the profit margin on water is a heck of a lot better than it is on the food, but even so...

  3. I talked to someone that seemed to be in some authority position about the lack of free water. His responses were 1- that i made my choice by drinking beer. If i was a designated driver i could get water.2- That hydration is essential and that i could buy a bottle for a dollar or two. 3-What beer festival gives out free water? Rich B.

  4. The no-water thing was definitely boneheaded. An event has a certain responsibility to its guests to ensure their well-being; on 86-degree days, that means water.

  5. There was free water all over the place… the pourers were using it to rinse out your glasses. ;-) I drank it… it wasn't great - and I got a few funny looks for even asking, but it was better than dehydration.

    "3-What beer festival gives out free water?" is so true (though hardly justification). Aside from OBF (with their garden hose-fed rinse stations), none of the outdoor fests provide water gratis; I got in the habit about 2-3 Holiday Ale Fests ago (where they didn't even rinse) to bring my own bottle. Unfortunately, I forgot my habit this weekend (but I wasn't there for long (yet), so I didn't suffer too much, aside from the time I had spend at work… *shrug*).

    Here's hoping Sunday means better times… *raises a glass*


  6. Well, if they wanted an example, the NAOBF a few weeks ago had several of those 5 gallon office style coolers scattered about.

  7. Just about any place of business should provide free water when asked, doubly so for an outdoor beer festival on a hot day. Water is a public good, not a proprietary good. Pour it with a smile.

  8. Lots of heavenly brews this year...

    H2O: In comparison, OBF provides free drinking water, thank god. There are water carboys/dispensers throughout the OBF. The PIB's lack of real drinking water is a horrible problem on all the levels mentioned. It's irresponsible, disrespectful, and unsafe, to name a few. They can afford to set up a few water dispensers. Having to spend money on little plastic designer sugar waters or ask to drink the rinse water is bloody ridiculous. One of the beer police told me officially they weren't even supposed to let us drink that. There oughta be a law! (And maybe there is...)

    On the infamous Italian brews front, the Troll Geisha was divine. The peach brew was also molto squisito. ;)