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Friday, July 10, 2009

Craft Beer Month: Days 10-12

After a fallow few days, Craft Beer Month picks up steam again today for the final push through the OBF. Below are a few highlights in which I suspect you may find interest:
  • Puckerfest, today through July 16, Belmont Station. Still no word on the beer line-up following tonight's release of Devil's Kriek by Double Mountain. Watch their website and twitter feed for updates.
  • Beer, Brats, and Music Fest, July 11, Raccoon Lodge. The best info on this event is in John Foyston's A&E beer column--but of course, the Oregonian has uselessly decided not to post it online. But you only need to know one word: gose. Ron Gansberg has brewed one, and it will be on tap tomorrow. (The style is wild, wonderful, and fantastically rare.)
  • 8th Annual Roadhouse Brewfest, July 11, McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse. Meet eight McMenamin brewers, listen to live music (Freak Mountain Ramblers), eat, drink, and be merry.
  • Parking Lot BBQ & Party, July 11, Fort George Brewing. Features the Dry County Crooks, "an outlaw country/rock outfit with punk roots." (Okaaaay.) More info here.
There are two more events I don't know a whole lot about. This first one feature yet another brewery I haven't heard about, Mt Emily Ales. (They're blooming like spring roses!) Mt. Emily Ales Beer Garden, La Grande Crazy Days, Depot St. between Adams and Washington, La Grande; 541-962-7711; 12-11:30pm

And finally, Saraveza and the Hop and Vine are sponsoring a 5k run in North Portland called the Craft Dash tomorrow morning. You won't find me there, but runners may be interested.

As always, check the full listing if you want to see all the events.

Here's one more. Lisa Morrison asked for bloggers to spread the word on a fundraiser she's hosting for the Falconer Foundation. On July 12, the Horse Brass is holding a joint birthday party for Lisa, Don Younger, and Point Blank Distributor Scott Willis--all who share a birthday. A batch of special beers including HotD Adam from the Wood, Full Sail Saison, and a Belgian IPA from Walking Man.


  1. I guess the Doctor as to stir the pot (again)! LOTS of people are interested in PUCKERFEST!

    Does anyone know WHY there is NO TAP LIST for a week long event? Many people are considering the idea that's there's nothing worth drinking;i.e. No tap List. That would be a major shame.

    We've seen little to no advertising and no tap list. Should this be a two day event? I hates to say it, but this appears to be maintaining the poorly organized status quo of many local events.... Is 365 days not enough time to organize, advertise and execute? :-O

    Maybe St George's Parking Lot Weenie Roast will be better organized? :-O

  2. DW: your "stirring of the pot" is just silly ignorance. Puckerfest is underway, and if you don't want to taste the first two beers I've seen go up, I'm happy to take your share:

    -Cantillon Lou Pepe (Framboise)
    -BJ's Enfant Terrible

    That BJ's is some kind of found beer--it hasn't been brewed, to my knowledge, in two years.

  3. Jeff, the Dr.'s pot stirring aside, it does seem too bad to me that Belmont Station hasn't chosen to provide much information as to roughly what's going to be on tap, and roughly when. They've done so in the past with Puckerfest and other events (Imperial Stout Week, Imperial IPA Week, etc.) and it has been very helpful.

  4. That's definitely true, and I would like it, too. They do list an event with Cascade Brewing sours on Monday.

    It's this comment that's just wholly unserious: "Many people are considering the idea that's there's nothing worth drinking."

    Who are these many people? And how do we get from a failure to list the beers ahead of time as an indictment of the entire month? Sometimes I tire of the jejune jibes from DW.

  5. Why do you tire, Jeff? Does it disturb the balance of your little Rose colored world? ;-} Achievement, advancement, success and reaching for the brass ring outside your worldly scope?

    What's the matter Jeff, do you need a list of people who actually expect a tap list for an event or even a pre-organized daily taplist? To lofty of expectations for ya!?

    I know many people who need to plan to attend an event. They have lives with schedules, commitments and family. Why not just advertise a do a 2 day event? These dribs and drabs of choices just isn't realistic to organize MY time around or many others.

    So, "NO", I'm not going to provide you with a list of people who have normal lives and can't be checking everyday of the week to see wheather a beer MIGHT be available for tasting! It should be very obvious that's there's a problem here! An organized list, times and days should have been prepared long ago so people can plan around it. Maybe some people have NO life with the exception of checking their twitter by the hour, but most of us have things that fill up the spaces of our lives.

    Ignorant, Jeff? Who's really ignorant?

    Beer is a past-time for most, not a lifetime achievement in drunkness or to fill the pathetic boredom of ones life.

  6. Another guy with a pseudonym8:33 AM, July 11, 2009

    Dr. Wort, then don't go. Stamp your little feet and go write another tirade about how Belmont Station doesn't do what you want. None of us care what you think. Your blog's only value is in exposing your ignorance anyway. It’s a list of looking for controversy where there is none. It’s entertaining to read an idiot writing about things he doesn’t understand. Kind of like reading my cat’s take on quantum mechanics.

    You’re a typical homebrewer from the tech industry kind of guy: you've drunk the BJCP kool-aid and think that somehow having taken an exam 20 years ago makes you an expert. Just to think you mock pro brewers for going to Siebel to continue their education. Maybe you should update your own outdated, self-referential “I read it in Charlie Papazian’s book 25 years ago” knowledge.

    Oh, another thing you should know: middle aged white guys shouldn’t use phrases like “keeping it real” and “street cred.” It makes you look even more foolish. Loser.

  7. I'm going to Disneyland!

    Well.... Stone Sour Fest in San Diego!