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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Craft Beer Month: Days 5 and 6

July 5 - Today
Running slightly late on this update, but in a few minutes the modestly-named Intergalactic Washoe Tournament kicks off at Hopworks. Given that title, I think a hearty amount of almost-ironic fun can be expected.
Washoe Tournament
12 p.m. Hopworks Urban Brewery
2944 S.E. Powell Blvd.,

July 6, Monday
On Monday, Taplister has organized a launch party for their (very cool) app at EastBurn. (Read my full post about it here.) In order to lure you down, they have a few special treats lined up:
EastBurn will be offering $10 pitchers of beers and we will be giving away craft beer swag as well as demo-ing our website and free iPhone app called Beer Signal. This will be an event that you’ll not want to miss. As an added bonus, Hopworks Urban Brewery and Upright Brewing will be bringing special beers and the brewers themselves will be in attendance to talk about their beers.

Taplister Launch Party
Monday July 6th, 7pm
EastBurn, 1800 East Burnside
The full list of events for Craft Beer Week is available here.

PHOTO: John Foyston / link

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