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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Craft Beer Month Best Bets

Today is the launch of Craft Beer Month, a loosely configured celebration of good beer across the state. Just about every day of the month someone will be releasing a beer, throwing a party, or staging a festival--86 in all, according to the Brewers Guild listing. I will do my best to note the ones that look the most interesting to me, but you should check that list if you want a more comprehensive guide.

As an overview, there are several events I'd like to highlight. Make sure to note the dates and put them on your mental calendar. (Throughout the month, I'll post updates about events, including some not on this list.)
  • All Month - Bailey's Taproom "Winter in July." They've already got a couple winter beers on tap.
  • Today, 5 pm - Horse Brass kick-off event with beers from around the state.
  • July 10-16 - Puckerfest at the Belmont Station Biercafe. It will kick off on the tenth when Double Mountain brewer Matt Swihart debuts Devil's Kriek.
  • July 17-18 - Sagebrush Classic in Bend, hosted by Deschutes. There's a golf tournament but also a huge feast featuring 18 world-class chefs. All for charity (website).
  • July 17-19 - Portland International Beerfest in Portland's North Park Blocks (website).
  • July 21 - 18th annual Beer and Cheese tasting with Fred Eckhardt, Rogue Flanders Pub in Portland (call 503-222-5910 for tix).
  • July 23-26 - Oregon Brewers Festival, Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Portland (website).
  • July 24-26 - Nano Beer Fest, Max's Fanno Creek, Tigard. Features beer from ten small breweries in Oregon. (More info to come.)
Again, have a look at the full list to make sure you don't miss something important.


  1. Although we are a small, weird brewery that doesn't really have big events or "release new beers", we very often have one-off batches working their way to the pumps. Informally his month, but not intentionally for Craft Beer Month, is something hacked together from a box of Cascade leaf and a couple hundred pounds of Maris Otter while waiting for the water to boil. First cask was rolled on stillage today and it will be sampled tomorrow. Also, later in this festive month, will be a rye mild (I hope) and something with ginger root in it.

  2. International beer fest is not an Oregon beer month event
    Hell - there is not much oregon beer there

  3. Actually, Anon, it is. And there will be 17 Oregon beers there.

  4. PIB (Portland International Beer) has a twin brother fest in Seattle, so it's not exclusive to Oregon or Portland.

    ANON --- There's not much Oregon beer because it's an "INTERNATIONAL" beer fest... Shhh.. don't tell anymore....

    Oh yea.... and the OREGON BREWERS FESTIVAL doesn't have just OREGON beer either... once again.... shhh,... don't tell anybody... ;-}

    I think we can celebrate beers from all over the world, not just Oregon. After all, how many IPA's can you really enjoy before you want to try something different? Test your skills, go to OBF this year and find out! ;-}

  5. PIB happens in Oregon, last time I checked.

    [you dumbass]