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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Brewing today ...

No blogging.


  1. Oh, come on. We brewed up a triple batch of IPA at work today (unrelated to normal effort) and it inspired many posts to your other blog.

    Besides, don't you know you're supposed to mention what you're brewin'?

    Good luck!

    I wonder how many BOers brew? Now that would be interesting. Have a brewing competition + something like "on the bus". Whose politics and brew is the best, in combo? Call it a barley roots initiative!

  2. Okay, mid-boil, and I have a chance to iPhone a comment. It's a spring pale, tons of hops, mostly late in the boil (plus dry-hopping). Full Sail used to do an ESB called Equinox for Spring, and ever since, a saturated hoppy beer has always said spring to me.

  3. You didn't get your fill with Ninkasi's Spring Reign? :)