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Monday, March 02, 2009

The Reviews Are In

My homebrew advice has borne positive results. Excellent. Whether or not homebrew saves you a great deal of money over the long haul, I will say it's hard to underestimate the sense of satisfaction one receives at having produced something worthy of the pro beer you admire. And look, he served it in an honest pint!


  1. Just brewed up an IPA on Sunday, then bottled a Stout after that. I have to say, once you go all-grain it's a bit less expensive than extract, and damn more satisfying when you take a drink. Even green, that Stout is pretty damn tasty.
    And how do you put a price tag on a proud smile?
    Homebrewing rules!

  2. Yep it can be done, you can't take into account your equipment or your time however otherwise your beer is way more expensive. All of us homebrewers do it for the fun of it anyways, I always think it's an insult when someone says that homebrew can't be as good as the professionals. How do you think most of the pros got their start?

  3. I have to agree with squeaks -- really the only way homebrew can be thought to be less expensive than buying beer is if you are ignoring the cost of equipment.

    Equal in quality? Definitely. But I think unless you're fooling yourself (or you make truly incredible beer), homebrew is more expensive.

    Most people also ignore the fact that homebrewers typically get bored of their own beer, or want to try other varieties, and end up buying beer on the side anyway. Unless you're disciplined enough to just brew and drink your own, without ever picking up that bottle of Dogfish Head's newest, you're not going to save money down that road.