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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cat Per and Duck Pee

Below is the exact transcript of a text conversation I had this afternoon. It's amusing because the friend--I'll leave names out of it to protect the salty-talker--attempted but was thwarted by auto-correction from swearing. What resulted was a sanitized, but consequently bizarre, conversation.

Russian River Damnation--yes or mo.

That's 'no.'

Oh good god. It's unique. Umm ... yes.

Sample coming.


Oh ... My ... God.

Cat per.



Now, I have no idea where he was or why it tasted like cat per (it shouldn't have). Something's not quite right there, but at least the exchange was amusing. He ultimately went for a Diamond Knot IPA.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, my phone does "duck" and "per" as well, though it has no trouble with "Shit" (capitalized, even) and "Damn" (captilized and un…).

One I found particularly amusing recently was when I tried to type in "Mormons" and it changed to "Morons…" :P "Mormon" singular didn't give it a second thought, but plural proved too much for the phone… I guess it's just like a person vs people.

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