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Friday, March 13, 2009

Honest Pint on the Telly

For those of you in Portland, you might like to tune into KGW (channel 8 on your analog dial) at 7 tonight. They're doing something on the Honest Pint legislation. Fortunately for all involved, Pat Dooris didn't catch me until after the filming, so we won't be burdened with my grim visage. But they did choogle down to Belmont Station, so that's cool. You might see one of the usual suspects.


Anonymous said...

Oddly, I was enjoying a quiet Friday afternoon pint at Belmont Station when it all went down... I was dismayed to see a television camera being set up, surprised to hear the interviewee talking about the honest pint project, and heartened to hear him give due credit to brewpublic, where it all began.

Matthew D. said...

Jeff, you have been making a strong impact in such a short time with the HPP. I'll be sure to tune in tonight and will most likely post the stream from the KGW site to my facebook. Congrats!

Jeff Alworth said...

Eh, a bit fluffy. But Belmont looked good.

iggir said...

they talked about the legislation on NPR this mention of HPP though.

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